All times are QLD time

Session 1

9.00am - Adam Hudson

Welcome and opening remarks

9.20am - Jon Tilley

Reliable Education Community - Collective results announced. This is where we show you what YOU, as a community, have done in the last 12 months. Spoiler alert - there’s some Some BIG news this time!

9.30am - Adam Hudson

“The world we’re in now and what to do to thrive.” The world has changed and you are in the box seat to do amazingly well, *if* you know what to do. Even if you have limited funds, the real secret to major success remains untouched, even at this time.

 10:00am - Adam Hudson

Student Awards. This is where we will recognise those of you that have achieved great things ranging from $10K, $25K, $50K and $100K USD in a single month. For the first time this year, we will also be recognising a new level of winner, the “White Rhino” - these folks have done over USD $1M (approximately $1.7M AUD) in sales in a single year.

10.15am - Adam Hudson & Chris Dean

John Fawcett Foundation - Mini Documentary Revealed

10.30am Morning Tea Break

Session 2

10.50am - Nicholas Steiner

Win the morning, win your life: How White Rhino (over USD $1M in first year), Nicholas Steiner runs his day for massive performance.

11.24 - Adam Hudson & Tony Robinson

How to find and run an outstanding mastermind.

11.40 - Jon Tilley

New ZonGuru tools revealed and how to use them to find incredible products.

12.15 - Adam Hudson

Ideas/Capital/Execution: The keys to building game changing businesses.” In this brand new session, Adam will be unpacking a new way to think about business and how you can participate in a real way in exciting projects, even if you have no money.

12.55 Lunch

Session 3

1.30pm Adam Hudson & Edward Wiley (

Foreign exchange essentials for turbulent times

1.40pm Adam Hudson & Wayne Butcher

How to breakthrough product paralysis and launch something

1.50pm Brendan Geyer

How I found my Rhino product.” Brendon Geyer is a super-chilled, Sydney-sider, who after nearly two years of chipping away quietly, finally went live and proceeded to immediately smash it on Amazon. In this session, he will unpack exactly how he found his winning products and how you can do the same.

2.20pm - Expert Panel Hosted By Jon Tilley

Choosing winning products & how Corona Virus is affecting Amazon sellers.

3.10pm - Adam Hudson & Wayne Butcher

Session 3 Summary

3.15 - Afternoon Tea

Session 4

3.30pm - Adam Hudson

How to go live quickly and what we’ve learned from those that do it REALLY well.

3.40pm - Expert Panel Hosted By Wayne Butcher

4 award winners share their quick start strategies

3.55pm - Adam Hudson & Wayne Butcher

Newest “Go Live” winners announced. This is an annual contest to get students live in weeks, not months, and we award those who make the most money in the process.

4.00pm - Adam Hudson & Wayne Butcher

What we’ve learned from our most successful coaching clients (Platinum Partners)

4.20pm - Finish


 All times are QLD time

Session 1

9.00am - Adam Hudson

Kids/Teens Awards Ceremony

9.15am - Cris Edwards

How I taught my kids to build a profitable Amazon business”. This is an amazing session where Cris, a single mother of two teenage girls, will share exactly how she worked them and a small group of other mums and their kids, to kick off their first Amazon business together - and on a shoe string budget!

9.40am - Teen panel of online sellers hosted by Cris Edwards

How we built our online business as teenagers.

10.00am - Adam Hudson

How to turn your child into a self-aware, conscious creator and not another cog.

10.20am - Adam Hudson

“What I’ve been thinking about and investing in over the last 12 months outside of Amazon.” For the first time, Adam will reveal two of his latest projects (outside of Amazon) and what you can learn about expanding your income in the new world as well.

11.00AM - Morning Tea

Session 2

11.15am - Adam Hudson

How to build generational wealth through entrepreneurship.” In this session, Adam will reveal a whole new way to think about what you’re doing, day-to-day in business, and how to shift your thinking to where the real money is to be made.

12.05pm - Adam Hudson

“Your blueprint to selling your first (or any) company” - For repeat attendees, this is NOT Pangea. Adam is revealing an entirely new brand example that nobody has seen yet.

12.25pm - Adam Hudson

“How to join our inner circle of entrepreneurs, investors and experts” - For repeat attendees, there is a an entirely new aspect to our advanced coaching community that is being revealed for the first time here. It’s a game changer and it’s not about Amazon.

1.00pm - Lunch

Session 3

1.30pm - Angela Hartnett

“The REAL story of my 4-year Amazon journey. The Triple Rhino + my ups, downs and everything in between.”

2.05pm - Sam Richards

“How I built a multi-5-figure/month Amazon business while at high school.” This incredible true story began inside of one of our previous summits, where Sam, then a 12 year old boy (and Reliable student), raised money from the Reliable audience to support his Amazon dream. Today, that business has flourished into an Amazon success story.

2.20pm - Fran Flynn

“Strategies for amazing photography & infographics that can increase your conversion rates dramatically.”

2.40pm - Adam Hudson

Session round up

2.45pm - Afternoon Tea

Session 4

3.00pm - Jan Hutton

“Brand Hacking: What great brands do that other don’t.” Jan is an advertising and marketing veteran. Having held high level roles at some of the most famous agencies in the world, Jan knows her stuff and will share what the best brands do and how.

3.30pm Keith O'Brien

“Latest PPC and launching strategies + the real numbers behind effective Amazon launches."

4.00pm - Expert Seller Panel Hosted By Keith O'Brien

“How we sell shit-loads on Amazon and what we think of Corona Virus.”

4.40pm - Adam Hudson

Day Summary

5.00pm - Finish



 All times are QLD time

Session 1

8.30am - Georgie Mayhew

“How we built our White Rhino (over USD $1M in a year) Amazon business”

9.35am - Hayley Hughes

“What we learned by spending $100K to build a Shopify store and still not make any money!” In this session, you will discover all of the metrics to required to know if your brand could be successful outside of Amazon, and most importantly, scaled.

10.25am - Jamie Lane and Wayne Butcher

“Rhino winner, Jamie Lane, shares her powerful story of an unbroken promise to a friend.”

10.45am - Morning Tea

Session 2

11.00am - Lauren Adamson

“How I Choose Products: Lauren is a teenager who chose a stunningly successful product for her parents. Here’s how she did it.”

11.15am - Surprise Celebrity Speaker

“How to build a winning team for situations when it really matters”. Trust me. You do NOT want to miss this session. You will hear inspiring tales of triumph and inspiration from this iconic Australia who had dealings with everyone from Alan Bond, to Sir Frank Packer and Former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke - to name a few. This is a not to be missed session for all aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators.

12.30pm - Lunch

Session 3

12.45pm - Adam & Jon Tilley

 “No bullshit: Which software is the best and why?”. As biased as you might find this title to appear on the surface, Jon and I will give you some inside information that actually matters when choosing software. Some things have changed and they’re important.

1.15pm - Brian Smith

 “UGG: The power of perseverance & how UGG became a Billion dollar brand.” Brian Smith is an Australian success story. From Perth, Western Australia, Brian took on the US market from day 1, ultimately selling his products worldwide to everyone including Oprah Winfrey, Sting, Pamela Anderson, Tom Petty and many more. In this incredible session he will share his amazing story.

2.25pm - Afternoon Tea

Session 4

2.40pm - Adam Hudson & Joe Olejnik

“The future for you and Reliable Education”

3.20pm - Event Finish

Session 2