Award Winners

Summit Attendees

“We didn’t “like” anything ……we LOVED everything!!! From beginning to end it was so inspiring and empowering!!”

The community spirit from everyone on either side of that stage was immense and we felt soooo lucky to be part of not just the weekend but the amazing community as a whole!!

“The atmosphere where there was great, a sense of camaraderie and where natural conversations with strangers would occur so easily.”

Food was fantastic and catered well for people with allergies. I loved the Great Hall it felt intimate as I attended the NAC last year and I felt a million miles away from Tony Robbins and the speakers.”

“The amazing energy, positivity, open-ness, and realness of everybody involved (organizers, presenters and students). The REAL feel of a community and awareness that it was not fake. These things just don’t exist in the ”normal” business world”

We learned soooo much along the way and things all started to fall into place and give us a clear vision!! Thanks to everyone for all your hard work :-)”

“I was impressed by the level of inspiring speakers encouraging everyone to become successful that anyone can do it.”

“I liked the diversity of the speakers, from all walks of life, on or off amazon, the content Adam presented us with, and the knowledge bombs throughout every talk must have appealed to different people on different levels.”

The energy from Adam and Joe and all the team and speakers and the Rhinos actually came out and spoke to us all, and right to our hearts!!

“Each day was massive learning and revision. I could relive that 3 days over and over! I would pay to buy a dvd of the whole 3 days!”

I really loved how some of the speakers spoke form the heart and told the obstacles they have had to overcome to get to where they want to be.

Overall awesome presentation and Adam is a true entrepreneur who cares and gives 110% back to his students and he wants everyone to succeed.

The panel discussions both male and female provided great value from their various experiences in their amazon journeys, the presenters. And the keynote speakers, both John Howard and Udy was absolutely amazing!”